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Go Pro System

JINJI TENNIS CENTER is seeking and welcoming juniors from the age of 13 to 18 who are training or want to become professional tennis players in the future. We at GO PRO program have a dedicated team of coaches with an abundance of knowledge.

Moreover, by utilizing our networks with tennis academies all throughout the world, we hope to raise future professional tennis players in Japan. We pride ourselves in our networks in Spain, Israel, New York, Serbia, and Australia. GO PRO is the only tennis program in Japan that offers such a wide range of qualities and strengths in one center.

The goal of GO PRO is to discover and raise the next Nishikori Kei and Osaka Naomi

through systematic support, advise, and training.

Go pro system offers the following program to participating players.

  1. Free consultation

  2. Comprehensive Tennis Program (Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Schedule)

  3. Participation in both domestically and international Tournaments.

  4. Detailed gameplay analysis by professional coaches.

  5. Participation in training camps outside of Japan.

  6. Fundraising

  7. Sparring/ Hitting partner



For more information, please contact us:


Coach Director: Shai Gigi

 Phone: 080-3576-1300


Go Pro System offers:

  1. EXAMINATION: To begin, all players will undergo a training exam which will be filmed and recorded on video.

  2. ANALYSIS: Based on the footage of the training exam, the coaches of GO PRO will analyze and dissect each player's game style, tendencies, and patterns. Furthermore, filmed footage will be sent to other tennis academies both domestically and abroad for further consultation and analysis

  3. TRAINING: Upon conducting an interview and receiving feedback from the other tennis academies, the GO PRO Team will develop a detailed daily/ weekly/ monthly training schedule that fits the needs and requirements of each player.

  4. TOURNAMENTS: Based on training with GO PRO, players will participate in 20 tennis tournaments domestically and also participate in five tournaments abroad.


Learning to Perform

Learning to Be a Professional

Living as a Professional

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