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Rainbow Tennis Summer Camp 

The Rainbow tennis camp for kids is held at Hilton Tokyo's 5th floor ( near Nishi Shinjuku station ) for 20 years.

This tennis camp is the most fun and international tennis camp that exist in Tokyo, the camp is held in English and Japanese.

This camp is designed for kids as young as 5 years old to 13 years old.

Everyone will learn / practice forehand, backhand, rally, volley, and service. For some advanced players will focus on more rally, and match play.


tennis summer camp

Thank you for your interest in the RAINBOW TENNIS SUMMER CAMP  for kids.

Location: HILTON TOKYO 5TH FLOOR ( 6-6-2 Nishi Shinjuku )

Free parking for the car at Hilton Tokyo.

Dates:  all the dates are for 2023
Term 1:       6/26- 6/30    ( 5 days )

Term 2:       7/3- 7/7      ( 5 days )

Term 3:       7/10-7/14    ( 5 days )

Term 4:       7/31 -8/4        ( 5 days )


Time : 9:00 - 10:30 am 

Fee: 25,000 yen / per term 

Age Group: 5 - 13 years old.

- Car transportation is available. Please contact us for more information.

More information for the parents : 

Thank you all for signing your child up for the tennis camp at Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku.

The meeting point will be at the lobby around 8:45 am, the coaches will take the kids to the tennis court. after the camp is over and we will meet again at the lobby at 10:35 am.

- The payment for each term is 25,000 yen.

- All the kids will practice all 5 basic shots: forehand, backhand, volley, smash, serve, rally, and point play.

- The payment can be made by cash ( pls submit in a closed envelope the fee and write down your child's name on it ).

- JTC  will borrow rackets for the kids.

- Please bring water.

- JTC will give each child hat and a club t-shirt.

- In case of rain we can't offer the tennis camp ( we won't charge of course ) we will return the money for the kids at the end of the term.

- We offer door-to-door transportation ( please text me for more information ).

- Please share the information with other parents in your community.

How to register :
Please send us mail at
Please share with selected term that your child can join , full name , phone number , any medical issue .







開催地 : 新宿区西新宿6-6-2   ヒルトン東京5階

開催日時 : 朝9時から10時半まで



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For parents wondering how to enhance their children’s lives, tennis summer camps offer many benefits. Kids’ tennis camps are a great way for them to build social, personal, and physical skills that will encourage them in ways other camps may not. If you want to know more about the numerous benefits of tennis camps for kids, look no further!


Kids’ tennis summer camps enable children to learn, play, think, and develop in a safe and controlled environment. Certified trainers and coaches can help them learn important life skills through sports and play, which will help them grow and increase their self-confidence. Here are some of the ways tennis camps can help your child.


Tennis summer camps can provide opportunities for youth to develop their independence and confidence through the process of sports and team-related challenges. When campers are able to make decisions independently from their home, they experience growth and problem-solving skills. For campers who stay overnight, the dorm-like setting teaches them simple skills like making their beds, choosing appropriate clothing for the day’s activities, and taking care of their own personal hygiene.


Mental stimulation is required to play tennis, and it decreases regression that can often occur during the summer months. The more children learn and think about the rules of the game or strategies to excel, the better they will transition back to school in September. Additionally, the active environment keeps them healthy and strong. They can develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, motor planning, balance, and more.


It is not easy for every child to socialize and make friends. Kids may begin the first day of camp with anxiety and self-consciousness, but thanks to the small size of summer tennis camps, kids can feel less overwhelmed, noticed, and welcomed by friendly staff. The recreational activities, including tennis practices and games, encourage children to meet new people who have similarities and differences. Eventually, meaningful, lasting friendships will develop from the inclusive camp setting. Social skills are so important to children’s growth at home, at school, and eventually in the workplace, and a tennis camp is a great place for them to learn and develop these skills.

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