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tennis camp in Tokyo English

Under 12 years old

Tennis - Education

The aim of JINJI TENNIS CENTER is to give a chance to children to try a new sport and also create a platform for self-expression & and education by training the children’s mindset and values. The benefits of our programs for children are learning lifetime skills, courtesy, self-esteem, social skills, discipline, goal-setting, and leadership.



Age: 10 - 12, Under 12

Sunday: 11:00 - 12:00


Price :

3000 per Lesson

  • The class limit is 6 students only.

  • we lend rackets if you need them.

Please write down the date and time of your lesson.

What to bring  for the lesson

• What to wear? 

1. Comfortable sportswear  T-shirt & Sports pants.

2. Tennis shoes would be great but sports shoes are OK


Additional information for parents

• We love to offer you…

A birthday party event for your children at JINJI TENNIS CENTER! 

We do offer great tennis lessons but that’s not the only! 
We also love to offer great fun precious time for every child! 


Cancellation Policy,

1. There is no charge to You if more than 24 hours' notice is given

                 for the cancellation of a private lesson.

                         2. If you give 12-24 hours notice for the cancellation of a private coaching

session You will be charged 100% 

• Gift cards 

You can give someone a healthy gift! 

Interested in our gift cards? Ask us anytime! 


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