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Junior tennis professional program japan

Junior Elite

Practice Makes Perfect

This program is for juniors from the age of 13-16 years old and it aims for a long-term commitment to training and development that is required to produce elite tennis players. This is a well-planned program that will ensure optimum development throughout the course of a tennis player’s career.

Ultimately, success comes from training and performing well over the long-term rather than winning in the short-term. The goals of the Elite program are to discover, train and support young tennis players for regional and international tennis tournaments.

Date :

Monday, Friday & Tuesday : 17:00 - 18:30

Price :
6,000 yen/ per lesson

Location :

Hilton Tokyo Tennis Court

Please write the date and time of lesson.

Program Feature

  1. Going through 16 hours of intense singles and doubles training monthly.

  2. 6 to 1 ratio of students to teachers.

  3. Learning advanced techniques for all strokes, mental toughness as well as the doubles and singles pattern of playing.

  4. Going through 90 mins of instructions, drills and simulated match plays with a challenge ladder to take your progress.

Our Program Will Include


  • There will be maximum focus on body strength and agility.

  • An improvement in explosive movements with power and speed training.

  • Specific exercises in an attempt to work with the players style of play.

  • Emphasis on muscular and cardio-muscular development.


  • The development of technical & tactical strokes.

  • An emphasis on improving shot selection, combinations and point play.

  • An improvement in the knowledge of the game and style of play.

Strategy & Mental

  • Playing matches are used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the player’s games.

  • The training is designed to simulate competition conditions to maximize adaptations.

  • The drills are slow while the practices are long.

What to Bring for the Lesson ?

• What to wear? 

1. Comfortable sportswear  T-shirt & Sports pants.

2. Tennis shoes would be great but sports shoes are OK


• How to pay?

1. Please pay at the reception on the 5th floor after the lessons

2. No membership fee!! 


• Can I use the parking at Hilton? 

Yes, you can! 

Please use the parking at Hilton Tokyo for 210 mins for free.

Ask the reception to stamp your parking ticket. 

Additional Information

Thank you for training with us at Jinji Tennis where we strive to support the Japanese tennis community. For your convenience, we made a few guidelines.

  1. We offer a different programs for kids and adults on the 5th floor of Hilton Tokyo & we are open 7 days a week from 7:00 - 21:00.

  2. When you are coming, please endeavor to wear comfortable sportswear which comprises of a t-shirt, sports pants, and tennis or sport shoes.

  3. It would be great if you have your own racket but if you don’t, let us know ahead of time as we can lend you ours for free.


How to Make a Reservation?

  1. The best way to contact us for general inquiries is to send a mail to us at

  2. For private lessons, go to the booking page & pick up a date and time.
    Note: the tennis courts are outdoor, if you are not sure about the weather, you can always send a mail or text to find out.

How to Pay?

  1. Please note that we do not take membership fees but you can pay at the reception on the 5th floor after the lessons.


Where Can I Park?

You can always use the parking space at Hilton Tokyo for 210 mins for free. All you need to do is to get your parking ticket stamped at the reception. 

Cancellation Policy, Private Coaching:

1. There is no charge to You if more than 24 hours' notice is given for the cancellation of a private lesson.

2. If 12-24 hours' notice is given by You for the cancellation of a private coaching session, you will be charged 100% of the lesson fee.

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