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Bruguera Tennis Academy

Intensive Junior Training Program in Spain.

Do Something Amazing - Bruguera Tennis Academy Summer Camps

Are you looking for something amazing for your kids to do this summer and all you can think are the same old boring activities like going to the beach, hiking, taking a trip to the amusement park or museum? Well, look no more because something amazing is coming your way this year in the name of the Bruguera Tennis Academy.

                The Bruguera Tennis Academy is an all-levels tennis camp for young people located in the picturesque Barcelona countryside. The BTA is a fun, high performance and results driven camp which offers not only best facilities necessary for individual developments in tennis but also the best professional coaches that can be gotten any and everywhere. The ratio of coaches to students is 3:1 with 5 internationally certified physical training staffs on site with the goals of fostering professional skills in young players.

                If you think this camp is only about tennis, then you have another thing coming your way. BTA is not only a high-performance training center, with participants from more than 30 countries, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young people to get together and make friends from all over the world while living, eating and breathing tennis.

                The goal of BTA is the formation of well-balanced young players. Hence, while tennis is the focus, recreation, study and socializing are all given due attention. The camp is superbly equipped for a range of outdoor activities so as to make sure that its young guests have fun while improving their game. 

                Students who attend BTA make friends for life and leave the camp with much more than just improved tennis skill.  It is a summer activity to remember through a lifetime.

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