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My child can barely walk –
should we be teaching him/her tennis?

Want to get your child active and happy in no time?

Then bring him/her over to JINJI TENNIS CENTER for the Tennis lessons for toddlers.

We may think that starting toddlers off on something as vigorous as tennis is not good for them but that is not entirely true.

Tennis helps toddlers to develop strong motor skills and is also an excellent way for them to hone their hand-eye co-ordination.

Why is this important? This is the period of time where children go through most of their muscle development and this game can be a great way for them to learn and grow.

Also, this is a very good way to let your toddlers expend their energy by allowing them to run around the court.

FAQ: Are running and firing volleys and backhands really toddler stuff?

                Our little children are special to us so we are definitely not going to make them run around.

We also want them to have a fun and safe environment to play and learn the basics of hitting a ball as much as you do.

We want to train their eyes to track moving objects so that they can development good hand-eye coordination which will help them to be more alert and active.

Take the iPad out of their hands and put a racquet in it, we guarantee that your little ones will love it.


Toddlers Tennis Lessons

The Kids love It!

Running and firing volleys and backhands – not toddler stuff!

Our little child is precious to us, so we are definitely not going to make them run around. We want them to play and have fun in a safe environment, while at the same time teaching them the basics of hitting a ball.
This trains their eyes to track a moving target, which helps them develop good hand-eye coordination and leads to a more alert and active! Take the iPad out of their hands and put a racquet in it, and we guarantee your little one will love it!






10:00 – 10:45 am


4,440 yen / per person

Please write which lesson you would like to take.


What to bring  for the lesson

• What to wear? 

1. Comfortable sportswear  T-shirt & Sports pants.

2. Tennis shoes would be great but sports shoes are OK


• How to pay?

1. Please pay at the reception on the 5th floor after the lessons

2. No membership fee!! 


• Can I use the parking at Hilton? 

1. Yes, you can! 

Please use the parking at Hilton Tokyo for 210 mins for free.

Ask the reception to stamp your parking ticket. 



Additional information for parents

• How to make a reservation? 

1. If you joining a group lesson you can join anytime

but we need to consider the weather.

If it is raining,  NO lesson.


2. For private lesson 


The best way is to pick a weekly date and time and tell to the coaches.

We offer different programs for kids and adults on the 5th floor of Hilton Tokyo

We open 7days week from 7:00 - 21:00 


• We love to offer you…

A birthday party event for your children at JINJI TENNIS CENTER! 

We also love to offer
We do offer great tennis lessons but that’s not the only! 
a great fun precious time for every child! 

Cancellation Policy, Private Coaching:


1. There is no charge to You if more than 24 hours notice is given

                 for the cancellation of a private lesson.

                         2. If 12-24 hours notice is given by You for the cancellation of a private coaching

session You will be charged 100% of the lesson fee.


• Gift cards 

You can give someone a healthy gift! 

Interested in our gift cards? Ask us anytime! 


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